Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Common Core Is Bad

Common Core is the 21st Century's equivalent of Hitler's Youth Movement in the 1930s. It's a federal government take-over of your kids curriculum and training. It forces your kids to conform and be molded into being "good-little-citizens."

Common Core argues that it is making curriculums uniform. It does! It takes control away from local schools (and parents) and forces them to use the government curriculum in order to standardize. That's government Propaganda for BRAINWASHING your kids to "think their way."

Here's some food for thought before you jump on the government band wagon:

  • Common Core standards provide no guarantee in improvements in testing on the global scale.
  • These standards lack the research they falsely say they have. In fact, they ARE national standards being established by BIG GOVERNMENT. There were NO PILOT PROGRAMS or trial programs to determine its validity.
  • These standards cannot be tailored to all of the diverse populations in the US. In fact, they do just the opposite. They provide NO DIVERSITY! Everyone (regardless of abilities) are treated the same.
  • Common Core focuses on higher-order thinking rather than emphasizing the basics. Curriculum emphasis eliminates discussions of the Founding Fathers among many other excluded topics.
  • States get stuck paying for the implementation mandated by the federal government.
  • States loose control over their own curriculum. The government takes control instead. States loose their autonomy.
  • Common Core emphasizes mass learning. It drills kids into memorizing topics. Teachers being evaluated only teach for the topics given on the standardized tests. There is no more individualized teaching.
  • These standards will force younger children to learn at a quicker pace than ever before. Students will be expected to learn more and learn earlier than ever before.
  • There is NO EQUIVALENCY test for students with Special Needs. They are all tested using the same test for their grade level regardless of their reading skills. This is just STUPID! It avoids addressing the situation all together.
  • These standards will make current textbooks obsolete and teachers will no longer be able to choose textbooks. The government curriculum will dictate textbook selection.
  • These standard tests only include Math and English (reading and writing). There are NO STANDARDS for Science and Social Studies. Currently, each individual state has to develop their own set of standards. That goes against the premise of Common Core. Standardization goes out the window.
  • Common Core opens the door for bias and INDOCTRINATION. What are the political leanings of those who actually write the standards? Who decides the curriculum? Parents loose the right to disagree. The government knows what's best for YOUR kids.
  • Common Core shifts away from teaching classic literature. For example: It can and does DISTORT the treatment of the Gettysburg Address.
  • Common Core conveniently leaves-out facts. Textbooks will eliminate US History before 1800.
  • Chicago Teacher's Unions are AGAINST Common Core. Go figure. 
  • Common Core standards were NOT developed by the states but by a group called "Achieve" and the National Governor's Association. Both of these groups are heavily funded by Bill Gates a strong advocate of Common Core.

Action To Take
Don't be mislead by the government propaganda showing up on local TV ads telling you how GREAT Common Core is. Get your state legislatures to abolish Common Core. It's not good for your kids.

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