Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Obama's Act of TREASON

Obama has not only broken the law, he has committed TREASON against the people of the United States. The dictionary defines treason as; "A citizen's actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make war against, or seriously injure the parent nation." This is EXACTLY what Obama has done.

Performing signing statements to circumvent Congress is against the law. Releasing 5 TERRORIST Taliban commanders IS aiding and abetting our enemies. Negotiating with TERRORISTS to exchange hostages, is NOT in the best interest of the United States. Obama gave the top five leaders of GITMO's Taliban to exchange for one US soldier. This wasn't approved by Congress because Obama NEVER notified them of his actions. Instead, Obama did what HE wanted to do in spite of the law.

Obama has established the first Monarchy in the USA. Meanwhile, Congress sits back and watches while doing NOTHING. They could hold Obama accountable, but so far, no one has the GUTS to stand up to the President. Consequently, Obama will continue to enforce the laws HE likes and IGNORE the ones HE doesn't like.  There are no checks and balances any longer.

The system of checks and balances only works when each branch of the government lives-up to their respective obligations. Unfortunately, this Congress goes along with Obama's lawlessness and allows him to SHRED the Constitution whenever he pleases. This will not only continue, but it will continue to get worse.  

The exchange that Obama negotiated, was a BAD deal for ALL AMERICANS. It sends the message that if our enemies kidnap Americans, they can "negotiate" for money and other more outrageous things. Once again, we had been screwed by a community organizer.

To make matters worse, the soldier we recovered is allegedly a DESERTER in a combat situation and perhaps even a collaborator with our enemies. However, the National Security Advisor (Susan Rice-alias "Benghazi Sue") is touting to the media that the recovered soldier has served his country with HONOR. Is she STUPID, or just CRAZY? Was his release really worth the damage that Obama has done to all AMERICANS?

If ever there was a time to stand-up for YOUR COUNTRY, now is the time. Let this government know that YOU don't accept TREASONOUS ACTS form YOUR President.

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