Wednesday, September 10, 2014

America In Trouble

You know you're in trouble when;

  • The government tells you what to eat.
  • You can't fly the American flag because it offends people.
  • You can't enter your daughter's high school wearing the  uniform of the US Army.
  • The police tell you that you can't film them in public.
  • The IRS only audits one political group while ignoring the other.
  • You can't say "That woman" without being called a "sexist."
  • TSA allows ILLEGALS to fly without ID & make you show yours.
  • The government says you can use your food stamps to buy marijuana but not booze.
  • The president has no plan to confront terrorists.
  • Your president is clueless about international politics and lets the world collapse.
  • The Attorney General protects the president instead of obeying the law.
  • No one is held accountable for breaking the laws of the land - but get promoted instead.
  • The government orders contractors to "Stand-Down" instead of protecting the US Ambassador.
  • The government spies on all its citizens.
  • Congress gives the government permission to use soldiers to arrest you without probable cause and hold you indefinitely.
  • ObamaCare eliminates jobs, costs more, and creates Death Panels.
  • The president lies about keeping your doctors and the Main Stream Press protects him for doing so.

This list goes on and on. It's endless. That should put-up the RED flag for you! Better RED than Dead?

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