Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"Commander" is a Misnomer

Our "Commander in Chief" is a dunderhead. He orders air strikes at 2:00 AM when no one is in the targeted buildings. Was this all for show or just showing Obama's stupidity? You can't destroy our enemies when they are at home sleeping. Our bombs and missiles hit targets that included command-and-control facilities, vehicles, supply depots, and training areas. Is that any way to knock-out terrorists?

To top that off, Obama warned the leadership in IRAQ of where and when we would attack ISIS (Islamic State of IRAQ). That doesn't seem to be a very intelligent way of trying to kill your enemies. True, IRAN is not the target (yet) but they provide support to most terrorist groups in the world.  Who's to say they didn't warn ISIS of the expected attacks? Obama tried to reassure IRAN that we were NOT attacking any of their buddies.

It's also unfortunate that somehow the Main Stream Media (Obama's Ministry of Propaganda) knew the details of what specific weapons we used and where they were from. Why not just give the Terrorists the entire battle plan?

Anyone who thinks that Obama is a "Commander" is mistaken. He's a Community Organizer. He proves that everyday he's in office.

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