Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Obama's "Friends" Expose Obama

It seems that loyalty is a passing fancy in the Obama administration. It would be interesting to be the fly on the wall of the White House. Obama is loosing support from some of his closest cabinet members. They include:

  • Robert Gates (Secretary of War) - Criticized Obama for being too political while ignoring protecting America.
  • Hillary Clinton Secretary of State) - Hillary bad-mouthed the handling of Syria's Red Line event by Obama.
  • Timothy Geithner (Treasurer Secretary) - Obama blamed the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers on Geithner & detested the political implications from it.
  • Leon Panetta (CIA Director) says Obama's biggest weakness is “frustrating reticence to engage his opponents and rally support for his cause.

OK, so the top people who worked for Obama have harsh criticisms about him. What does this show? It shows a side of Obama that he does NOT want Americans to see. Obama is slow at making decisions. Obama's  RED LINE back-down was a BLUNDER of serious consequences. Obama's decision to abandon IRAQ after winning the war was his biggest BLUNDER and has created a terrorist war against the US for the next 30-100 years. Obama refuses to protect Americans.

Thank Obama.

Isn't it time to IMPEACH?

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