Sunday, January 4, 2015

Predictions for 2015

What surprises will Obama have for us in 2015? Only time will tell, but we already have a hint that shows what things we can expect based on his previous actions. Here are a few possibilities of more things to come:

  • Obama will encourage ILLEGALS and terrorists to continue crossing the border ILLEGALLY and reward them with welfare, driver's licenses and Social Security benefits. The plan is to overload the system to help collapse America from the inside out without firing a shot.
  • Obama will negotiate a deal with IRAN that will allow them to build atomic warheads for their missiles. He will ask for NOTHING in return. Iran will use these weapons to start World War III.
  • Obama will open US embassies in both Tehran, Iran and Havana, Cuba. These nations are either Terrorists or Communists and Obama will befriend them and grant them both all sorts of economic benefits. He will ask NOTHING in return. That's his way of paying back America's theft and abuses. 
  • Obama will continue releasing known terrorists from GITMO prison until he can close it. Keep in mind that the only remaining prisoners (when he took over), were the ones who were so dangerous that they should either be executed or imprisoned for life. Now he chooses to release them so they can return to killing Americans and Christians. 
  • He will never disclose the Bowe Bergdahl report because it shows that he traded 5 terrorists for 1 deserter. Americans would rebel against that if they become aware of it.
  • Obama will increase HIS regulations (via the EPA) against Americans to completely destroy what's left of the coal industry in the United States. This will increase unemployment and will cause a severe increase of everyone's electrical utility bills.
  • Obama will attempt to gain control over the Internet to increase his powers over the people.
  • Obama will ILLEGALLY steal more power by abusing his use of "Executive Directives." No one will challenge this abuse.
  • Obama will continue to drive the spike between White Americans and Black Americans. His love for Al Sharpton is proof of that.

The list is not complete, but you should be getting the message. If things for America are bad now, Obama will try hard to make them worse in the next two years.

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