Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Time for STRONG Action

For those who had the guts to listen, Obama's State of the Union speech told us that things are "Just Fine" in America. That's the main reason for wanting to raise your taxes again. The economy is booming, unemployment is low, and everybody shouldn't worry about Obama's failed foreign policies because terrorism is waining and things with Russia are OK. Obama still ignores the fact that HIS party LOST the midterm elections and that he has NO PLAN against ISLAMIC TERRORISTS! Forget about protecting Americans. Forget about his negative polls.

He STILL wants things HIS way or the highway. So he will continue to use his pen and his phone as often as he can to obliterate the middle class of America with HIS regulations and "Executive Directives." He will veto anything HE doesn't like. SCREW the Keystone Pipeline! Screw the middle class.

The GOP had better start flooding his desk with laws that will improve American lives. Make the Keystone Pipeline the first one. Watch as Obama Vetoes each and every one of them. Learn that HE is the OBSTRUCTIONIST in Washington, DC - NOT the GOP. Get the required override votes and make things happen!

This is a critical time in American history. It is a turning point for America's future. Positive changes had better rule the day because business as usual will destroy what's left of American freedoms.

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