Thursday, February 19, 2015

Presidential Double-Speak

Obama's war is NOT with Islamic Terrorists. It's with words. He and his lackies prove this on a daily basis. Here are just a few examples of Obama's language perversion:

  • Terrorism = Islamic Terrorism
  • Barbaric Acts = Holy War
  • Work place violence = Terrorist attack
  • Random violence = Targeted killings of Christians and Jews
  • Muslims = The "Good Guys"
  • Christians = The "Bad Guys"
  • Jews = The "Bad Guys"
  • Violent Extremists = Muslim Terrorists
  • Coalition of 60 nations = Jordan and Egypt
  • ISIS, ISIL, Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood  =    "Groups"

So far Obama has protected Islam, Muslims or anything to do with the Muslim religion. He refuses to commit to serious military action. He refuses to help Israel. He refuses to help any nation who needs weapons to defend themselves from terrorist aggression.

Isn't it time to voice YOUR opinion? Let your feelings be heard. Contact the White House today.

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