Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What Difference Does It Make?

We have a president who refuses to call a duck a duck. It quacks like a duck. It walks like a duck, but Obama calls it "Work place violence." Or he calls it "Armed insurgents." Or he calls them "Freedom Fighters." Or he refers to ISIS as an "organization."

So what difference does that make? Experts all agree, if you can't recognize your enemies by naming them, you will NOT be successful in defeating them. That behavior explains Obama to a tee. Maybe Obama is a pacifist. Maybe he's a coward. Maybe he doesn't understand the consequences of global war. Maybe he REALLY wants to weaken the USA. We can't read his mind. He will go down in history as the Neville Chamberlain of the 21st century.

What difference does it make? We understand that Obama refuses to HELP our friends and usually supports the WRONG side. For example: In Libya Obama gave arms & aid to the Muslim Brotherhood. The Egyptians have declared the Muslim Brotherhood as "TERRORISTS." Example 2: Obama refuses to allow the Keystone Pipeline which would help America become less dependent on Arab oil imports. Obama threatens to veto its passage while the majority of Americans want it!

One thing we do know is that Obama's actions or inactions, are a threat to OUR national security. Americans are finally becoming aware that Obama is NOT behaving in America's best interest. He chooses to help out enemies by releasing 5 TERRORIST commanders in trade for one American deserter. This isn't just an isolated action, he continues to release TERRORISTS from GITMO without receiving ANY benefits. That's just WRONG.

Is it too late? We still have just under two more years of Obama's presidency. He can do a lot more damage to America and Americans in that time. Just hoping that the establishment Elites of the GOP will come to the rescue is a JOKE.

What difference does it make? Your kids and grandkids will pay for these mistakes and wrong policies.

Do you care?

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