Sunday, March 8, 2015

Vetting Presidents

Has America learned it's lesson about vetting presidential candidates yet? The LIBERAL press neglected to do their job in the past several elections, so we can't rely on their objectivity.

Some Americans took the time to learn about Barack Obama while most of the US did not. He was qualified to be a Community Organizer - NOT a President. We are learning the hard way that this was a BIG mistake.

We did not vet Obama even though we knew that he had a member of the Communist Party serve as his mentor growing up. We knew that Obama's father was an anti-colonist who hated America and Great Britain. We knew that Obama had close ties to admitted terrorist Bill Ayers. We knew that Obama sought-out extremists while in college. We knew that Obama had no qualifications for the office of President.

The majority of Americans either didn't know or didn't care about any of this. So are we going to repeat history in the next presidential election? It is believed that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic candidate for the office. Will Americans ignore vetting her too for the most important position in the USA?

We already know that the main stream media has a hard-LEFT bias. Will it matter if Hillary was a student of Saul Alinsky? Will it matter if all the scandals in her marriage go unnoticed? Will it matter that she believes that she is entitled and above the laws of the land? Will it matter that she jeopardized national security while serving as Secretary of State? Will it matter that she was in charge during the Benghazi massacre?

It would be a fool's paradise to believe that the Democratic candidate will be properly vetted. We know that the press will hammer the Republican candidates. However, in reality, vetting the Democrat is NOT going to happen. Does this mean we are all doomed?

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