Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Travesty of Justice

It is coming close. Time is running out! The Supreme Court will pronounce judgement on Gay Weddings. This will have a large impact on the future here in the USA. The ruling will impact everyone across the entire nation.

We all trust the Supreme Court Justices - right? Well, you shouldn't! That's right, you should NOT TRUST our Supreme Court Justices.

It has become public knowledge that two of the justices have personal prejudices when it comes to gay weddings. Justice Kay Hagen and Ruth-Bader-Ginsberg have both married same-sex individuals on at least four occasions.

So why isn't it considered a conflict of interest if they remain on the case regarding gay marriage? Haven't they already indicated that they have a "prejudiced" point of view?

In spite of this obvious conflict of interest, both justices refuse to recuse themselves from making a ruling.

That's a KANGAROO COURT and we deserve a court without such a one-way slant. Both justices should NOT be allowed to rule on the case of gay marriage. It's a stacked deck and we can already predict the outcome.

Hello new definitions for "marriage."

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