Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Let It Die

The US Senate will soon decide YOUR fate regarding personal freedoms and personal privacy. They are going to have to vote on the Patriot Act. They have three options, as follows;

1. Extend the Patriot Act and allow the spying on US citizens to continue.
2. Pass a scaled-back version of the Act to appease those of us who believe that the law is unconstitutional.
3. Just let the law expire.

Remember that you probably have nothing to hide and support the spying by the NSA. That's OK until the government decides unilaterally that they don't like you for whatever reason they make up. Then they can and will use whatever information they have amassed on your behalf to punish or imprison you!

Action To Take
Tell your US Senators to let the Patriot Act die and just go away. We don't need the government spying on all of us and this law destroys personal freedoms like never before.

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