Thursday, June 4, 2015

Don't Trust This Government

Courts may have ruled that it is ILLEGAL to capture and store citizens metadata, but the NSA (National Security Agency) is expanding their Internet spying. All this warrantless spying and expansion of surveillance of Americans happens without ANY public notice or debate.

But don't worry, this is the most transparent presidency, or that's what they tell us. It doesn't feel like transparency.

It is the Obama Justice Department that ordered this expansion. Our US Senate passed the USA Freedom Act which is just another version of the ILLEGAL Patriot Act. Now we're all supposed to feel better because they told the NSA to stop spying on US citizens. See the problem here? Who can you trust?

We are supposed to believe that the NSA has REALLY stopped their spying on us. Who's the oversight agency? Is it the FBI? This past week it was uncovered that the FBI is spying in US citizens using a fleet of small airplanes flying under "Fake" company names to protect their pilots. These planes carry sophisticated eavesdropping electronic devices, including video cameras.

Obama IS transforming America as he promised. It is becoming the BIG Brother POLICE STATE.

Just because you have done nothing wrong - or have nothing to hide is no excuse for not feeling that your freedoms are disappearing each day and no one seems to give a care - except maybe Rand Paul.

America is transforming into a totalitarian state, one day at a time. Meanwhile, Congress supports it and the American public merely feels that we are going in the Wrong Direction. This situation is not only dangerous, it's pathetic.

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