Thursday, July 2, 2015

Rats Show Their Colors

The Rats are coming out of the woodwork. So-called "Activists" are busy all over the USA trying to overthrow this country by their unrest. And why not? They get away with rioting, stealing, and attacking police in anti-police demonstrations.

What To Do
You need to set-up and confront your neighbors, friends and family if they show any leanings that are anti-American. Because they have been getting away with their lawlessness, the RATS are literally coming out of the woodwork. They smell weakness and want to destroy YOUR way of life.

Look what regular everyday citizens did in New York City. The RATS were going to have a flag burning ceremony and were stopped by Americans who did NOT want to allow that to happen. Mayor Bloomberg (D) would never have ordered police to halt the demonstrators because he is so far LEFT, and he supports them. The anti-Americans were literally run out of the park afraid that they may get hurt by those who were there to protect the flag. Good for the everyday folks who defended the flag.

Follow this example. Do NOT tolerate anyone who is anti-American. You can stop them if you REALLY care.

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