Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Fox News - Fair & Balanced?

So you think that there's no agenda on Fox News? Stop and REALLY listen objectively to "news" anchor Shepard Smith. He's not exactly Fair & Balanced when he gives his version of the "news." He always throws-in some snide remarks about Donald Trump thinking that he's being funny. If he disagrees with what he's reporting, he let's you know his opinion while "reporting" the news. What ever happened to just the news?? Skip the BS remarks and try and stay objective.

ALL media is serving us their personalized form of PROPAGANDA - even Fox News. Megyn Kelly is on her second vacation in less that a week or two. She has been absent after clashing with Donald Trump in the first debate. Regardless of what they say at Fox, this is damage control to keep her out of the lime-light for a while until you forget about the bad rap she got after attacking several candidates in the debate as one of the moderators.

Then of course, there's Bill O'Reilly. He's ALWAYS RIGHT and never lets his guests finish a sentence when they deviate from what he believes.

The bottom line: You're all being manipulated by the media - Even Fox News. They are NOT Fair or Balanced. Listen with a clear mind and you will hear their distinct message in their broadcasts.

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