Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hillary Investigated by FBI

Can you believe it? Hillary is actually being investigated by the FBI. Now before you get your hopes-up, remember this. Hillary is teflon coated. She believes that she is above the law and can do whatever SHE wants even when that breaks the law.

If you recall, Obama always starts investigations, but NEVER finishes them. So Hillary will NEVER be charged with any crimes by the Justice Department - especially the Obama Justice Department. That will never happen under the Obama administration.

Remember "no smidgeon of corruption" with the IRS? Well, we still haven't seen anyone held accountable for those breaches of the law. None whatsoever, but there were "investigations."

Remember Bowe Bergdahl the deserter? That "investigation" was over a year ago and NOTHING has happened.

Remember the investigation of Benghazi? Obama is still stonewalling.

These are just a few examples of how "investigations" lead nowhere.

Obama LIES all the time. But he does so eloquently so people believe the LIES.

Hillary will still be the presidential candidate. Get used to that idea.

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