Sunday, September 27, 2015

America Will Never Be the Same

Americans are too late in waking-up to see that America is heading in the wrong direction. It isn't just Obama who is responsible for this. It's also the feckless "leaders" of both political parties who also hold the blame as well as past Republican Presidents. They are as corrupt and incompetent as you can get, but STUPID Americans keep re-electing them over and over. Who's fault is that? The average "Joe" on the street doesn't know who the Vice President is or what they look like.

This isn't a new phenomena. It has been going on for 25-50 years. Look at history. The message is clear. Ambivalence and ignorance is no excuse. America will get what it deserves. Unfortunately, the only ones who will receive that punishment are our children, their grandchildren, and all future generations to come.

We have allowed government to become intrusive into our everyday lives spying on us to the point that we fear it. We have allowed our government to jail people for their religious beliefs. We have allowed the government to use the IRS to attack those who oppose it. We have allowed the President to ignore laws he doesn't like and make-up new laws he wants without Congress. We have allowed our judges to ILLEGALLY create laws without any legal means. We have allowed the government to print worthless paper and electronic money to devalue our currency. We have allowed Congress to become so power-hungry to fail us in their jobs to represent us. We have allowed the government to put us into unsustainable debt. We have allowed government to destroy our freedoms for the trade-off of "security." So we feel betrayed. This is the destruction of America. This is NOT reversible.

This IS a REAL turning point in American history. It is all downhill in the future. We are allowing anyone who has the will to cross ILLEGALLY into our country. We are inviting Syrian Muslim refugees to enter un-vetted. These are potential enemies of Americans. America is no longer a sovereign country. We have given up that power. Open borders have destroyed any chance for remaining America as we know it. A country without borders is NOT a country.

America hasn't followed the true laws of the Constitution in many many years. We keep destroying its meaning by deleting it with such things like The Patriot Act, The National Defense Authorization Act, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, (to name just a few) and on and on... These ILLEGAL "laws" have destroyed the Constitution and your freedoms. Few people even care.

When government officials take their oath of office, they no longer protect or defend the laws of the land. They destroy, negate, and ignore them instead. Their motives are to serve the political elite class - NOT YOU!

So now we see a push to elect non-politicians into high political office. Even IF that happened, it would take years and years to see America great again. The damage has been done slowly over time and it is NEVER going to be the same. America was once the pillar of freedom. It no longer is and will remain so because we waited too long.

America was once a great country. That is in the past.

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