Sunday, September 13, 2015

Think Before You Choose

In 2010 we turned the House of Representatives back to Republican control because we were tired of the Democrats jamming unwanted (ObamaCare) legislation down our throats. That wasn't enough to stop the slanted agenda coming from the political LEFT. So in 2012 we gave the Republican Party the majority in the US Senate. We thought that that would make the change complete.

Results? Nothing changed. Obama's policies, Executive Directives, and regulations keep on coming. The Republican Party "leadership" votes more for Obama's initiatives than we expected. Obama ignores laws HE doesn't like and "creates" new ones ILLEGALLY! The Republicans do NOTHING to STOP HIM! They are the problem. 30% of registered Republicans think they would be OK with the military taking-over the government! REALLY? Is this the America we want? We need to expunge them ALL out of Washington once and for all times. Get a fresh start and hope that this cleansing will work.

So now what? We won't be fooled again - or will we? We now have Trump (a non-politician) gaining in popularity. The trouble is that he's NOT a Conservative. Look at his record. Yes, he has a record. A few years ago, Trump was a Democrat and supported many Democrats financially. He has admittedly bribed politicians to gain favors. AND he IS another Narcissist - just like Obama. Do we REALLY want that again?

Trump likes BIG GOVERNMENT. He also supports Planned Parenthood. Donald wants to raise taxes. He says that he wants to close the borders and stop ILLEGAL immigration.

So what are you supposed to believe? Is this the Pied Piper saying what YOU want to hear? BEWARE! We already know that politicians LIE. What about non-politicians? Isn't it possible that they too can LIE? Don't be fooled again. Try and be more objective when deciding. America's very existence depends on it! This IS a pivotal point in American history. Choose wisely.

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