Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The FIX is In

Why has the House Freedom Caucus surrendered to the elite GOPs? These 40 or so House members are our ONLY chance to make any difference in changing the way this corrupt government operates. Now it seems that they have given-up too.

RINO Ryan will become the new Speaker of the House. Why he even began making preparations for celebrating his new position this past Monday - way before the election tomorrow. So the FIX is in. Don't expect to see any changes in the way things operate in Washington with that guy running the show. GOP elites are still running Congress and they will not be giving-up their control anytime soon. They represent themselves - NOT the people who elected them.

America is in DECLINE. You can thank Obama but he is NOT the only cause for it. The Republican Party holds their share of guilt. The Republican Party no longer is a Conservative party. It no longer represents its constituents.

The only remaining way we as citizens can try and make an impact is to vote in the presidential election. WARNING: If the election is a close like the last one, don't expect to win. The FIX was in for that too. In all of the swing states there were numerous voter "irregularities" reported. However, none were ever investigated and Obama won (wink-wink).

Mitt Romney (GOP elite) recently said that neither Trump or Carson would become the Republican nominee for President. What does he know that you don't?

So if you actually still think America will change direction, you are in for a disappointing shock. Nothing has changed and we are still in decline.

America is doomed. Perhaps a new revolution is in the making?

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