Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Bye, Bye Ben

The real turning point were the Paris attacks. They made it abundantly clear that our next President better be knowledgeable on foreign affairs. We cannot just elect a person with integrity, or the fact that they are a "nice person."

Unfortunately, Ben Carson doesn't have ANY experience with foreign affairs. He readily admits that and that's OK. At least he's honest. After donating to his campaign, it's hard to "jump ship."

Ben's low-profile personality is also somewhat of a liability. His soft-spoken way may be misleading to ISIS and the other people in the world who want to hurt/harm Americans. We have seen what a weak president has done for our world-wide image. People around the globe no longer respect America, the president, or Americans. Thank Obama for that. He is the WORST president in American history and he really doesn't care. He has caused more damage to America than any president.

His goal is to let the Middle East fester into a big mess (perhaps World War III) and to weaken the USA because of his perceived views of our colonial past. His words are meaningless. Obama lies all the time. You should instead, watch HIS actions instead.

   We need a STRONG leader - not another community organizer or scandal-ridden and dishonest person like Hillary. My current hope is the Ted Cruz will get the Republican nomination. He has a tenacious record of supporting Conservative values and the Tea Party ideals.

What do you think?

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