Sunday, November 15, 2015

"ISIS is Contained"

The same day that the terrorists attacked the city of Paris, Obama was touting that ISIS was "contained." Now we all know better. Keep in mind that Obama is "the leader of the free world." His statement shows that he's either totally out of it or he doesn't give a crap about America's national defense. Doesn't that bother you? It should!

Europe has had open borders for several years. Instead of learning from someone else's mistakes, Obama now wants to speed-up admitting Syrian "refugees" into American cities. (It should be duly noted that one of the Paris TERRORISTS was from Syria - what a surprise). Hey, that makes perfect sense if you're supporting TERRORIST attacks here in America. So who's side is Obama REALLY ON?

Is Obama a humanitarian like the Europeans, or is he supporting TERRORISM? You decide. No one can be THAT STUPID! One thing for sure, he's NOT looking out for Americans by these actions.

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