Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Master Manipulator

Don't look now, but you're being hoodwinked once again. The Trump campaign announced that he would NOT attend the Thursday evening debate because he doesn't want Megyn Kelly to moderate because she's unfair to him. REALLY? What's he REALLY afraid of?

Fox News refused to replace Kelly. (Good for them!)

Today we see Donald Trump polling on the Internet asking his followers if he should attend the debate. He's jerking us all around while getting free airtime and free publicity.

Let's face it, he is MANIPULATING the media and YOU once again. Is this the type of temperament we want to see displayed from the White House? Trump may be masterful in getting his own way, but what happens when he doesn't? Looks like he throws a HISSY FIT.

Can we trust Trump after this unscrupulous behavior?? Does he belong in charge of the nuclear codes?

When he shows up tomorrow, we will have proof that it was all a SHAM.

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