Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another Emergency!

In case you haven't noticed Obama likes to govern by crisis. The more emergencies we have, the better for him! Rahm Emanual (President Obama's Chief of Staff) said "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. It's an opportunity to do things you think could not do before."

He meant it. Now we are paying for it - BIG TIME!!!

We just passed the Stimulus package and Omnibus budget that were jammed down our throats in record time a few weeks ago. We were told of an eminent crisis looming over America if they didn't pass these bills. Both were supposed to "save the day" for America despite creating record deficits. They were rushed so fast that Congress didn't even "have time to read the legislation" - just time to pass it! New jobs were promised with both of these packages. We have lost well over 2 million jobs since their passage! What gives here?

The House of Representatives just passed the Cap and Trade "tax" on Americans and the Senate is busy with the Sotomayor Supreme Court nomination. Currently, the President is urging for both tasks to be done ASAP so Congress can get government healthcare passed before they leave in August.

Wait a Minute America!
Don't you see the pattern here? The government repeats itself over and over in quick secession. Make the new situation a crisis. Pass a new law without letting anyone find out what's in the bill or figure out its long term consequences. Then pass another comprehensive package and treat it like emergency. Forget the costs! It's so important and we need it quickly so it can save America. Don't read it, just pass it. It will save us all!

The New Emergency
Now it's the government "healthcare emergency." We need to pass it, even if we don't know how to pay for it. We don't know how much it will really cost. We need to pass it even though it will punish the elderly and those with chronic diseases. Don't read it, just pass it. We NEED GOVERNMENT HEALTHCARE. It will protect everyone. Yeah, right!

What's the danger or difficulty we face immediately, if we don't fix healthcare by August? Hummm, there is none now is there? We are being lied to again!

Government healthcare, as planned, rations-out your treatment, costs more, and eliminates competition, and won't cover everyone. Depending on your age, gender, and current health, the government decides whether you receive treatment or not. Yes, that's a fact and that's how it works in Great Britain and in Canada. But Obama won't tell you that.

Rationed healthcare is for the good of the state. Baby Boomers ARE the government target! Seniors take the hit so that the uninsured can be covered. Nice! Need kidney dialysis, it's too expensive and you are too old anyway! REFUSED!

Need Lipitor for your arteries? Too expensive. REFUSED! Breast cancer fatalities are higher in the UK than here in the US because they force people to wait for treatment. DENIED or DELAYED treatment! Too bad for you!

Pay Attention America !!
Tell Congress not to ration your healthcare. Don't rush anymore legislation. This is NOT an emergency. SLOW Down. Let's finish work and stop the passage of the Cap and Trade "tax" first.

As Chuck Schumer said, "The devil is in the details." So why not read the details. Stop the government take over of healthcare for you and your family. Don't trust Washington politicians with your LIFE!

Tell Congress to Start Listening
Tell Congress to S L O W D O W N and stop the insane spending! Tell Congress that there is NO healthcare emergency and that it can wait until the economy starts to improve. Tell them to start listening; Your vote depends on their positive actions.


  1. Sorry, Doug. But you're wrong. Obama's health care program is not modeled on either Britain's or Canada's. It's closer to what's going on in Massachusetts (something you know about first hand).

    It's not the government that's lying in this case, it's the conservative talking heads like Crystal, Hannity, Barnes, etc. You need to do your own research. Don't listen to these turds.

    The government will not be making decisions about who qualifies for care. The insurance companies will continue to do that. If you like your current coverage, you can keep it.

  2. Nick,
    Ok, let's assume that you're correct and that I STILL have a choice for my health care. The government estimates that it will cost $600,000,000,000 ($600B) for the new program. Now we both know that the government always underestimates these projections. Forget where this money will come from at the moment.

    They also estimate that they will need to "take" $400,000,000,000 ($400B) from Medicare to help pay for this program.

    For the sake of brevity, let's assume these numbers are correct.

    Now let's assume that you and I go out and buy a dozen eggs. The government comes and "takes" four (4) eggs from you and four (4) eggs from me. Then the government gives eight (8) eggs to Fred because he couldn't affort to buy any eggs. How many eggs do you have? How many eggs do I have? How about Fred?

    Weren't you and I targeted as a "group"? We both "paid" the government 4 eggs so that Fred could get his "fair share" even though he couldn't afford any eggs. That's what's happening to Medicare. It is being targeted to help pay for the New Government Healthcare at the senior's expense.

    I think it would also help if we could see exactly how the government will implement this program. Please bear with me. I am trying to obtain more details so you can see that the government program will make it extremely hard to keep your existing healthcare program coverage - let alone get the care YOU want and need.

    Incidentally, the government healtcare program in Massachusetts is helping put that state in financial disaster like California. They are absorbing new budget deficits (including healthcare) at an alarming rate. It's so bad that Governor Patrick is looking for new taxes and by making cuts in budgets he deems unimportant - such as the State Police!

  3. You've contradicted youself here, buddy. You admit that you don't know the details of the program. yet you quote figures and present a hypothetical scenario.

    You also say "forget where the money will come from", and in the very next sentence you say it will come from Medicare. I guess you forgot that you were forgetting.

    And Fred doesn't like eggs. :-)

  4. Nick,
    Early reports on this legislation is where the quote was taken about Medicare.
    I will be more careful in the future regarding my assumptions about what the reades know.