Monday, July 13, 2009

Register to Vote - Again

Already registered? Are you affiliated with a political party? Consider changing that designation to that of "Independent."

Why do This?

Our government is predominantly controlled by lobbyists. Our representatives are linked closely to special interests - not us! This is true for both parties - Republicans and Democrats once they are elected. That's where they get the money to get re-elected!

Congress is so busy giving your money to these groups as "pork" that they have to distract you so you don't notice their activity. They do this by using so called "wedge" issues. These issues draw your attention away from how they are spending and gets you to focus on something else. For example, gay marriage, or gun control are wedge issues. They split Americans down between party lines and refocus attention away from other important issues. We spend our time arguing and discussing these issues, while Congress wastes our money. Are they important issues? Of course! What are the bigger issues? What's REALLY important? Are wdege issues the main issues of the day? Probably not.

By registering as an Independent, you will help wake up Congress to stop "playing" to their registered base and face the possibility they have to win or "earn" a vote from you instead of assuming they already have it. This would help change the Congressional focus on the "True" issues instead of the wedge issues.

As an Independent, you should vote for the individual - not for the party. Both parties have disregarded us. We are just a means to their ends. That's why we end up with the worst of two evils when selecting candidates for office. They are too much alike in many respects. They both:

  • Don't actually care about you

  • Have an elitist mentality

  • Treat us like children

  • Are condescending to us

  • Think we don't care

  • Believe we are too stupid

  • Are too much in debt with PACs and special interest groups

  • Promise us what we want to hear but never deliver

  • Don't read the bills they pass

  • Have low job ratings - So why keep voting for them?

The only time both parties universally join and work together is when they ratify pay raises for themselves! (Incidentally, they now make $175,000 and will keep that full salary after leaving office + paid health benefits for the rest of their life!).

Start thinking for yourself. Ask yourself, does my party REALLY have my best interests at stake or do they just care about themselves? Isn't it time to change your thinking?

Register as an Independent

How to Register as an Independent
Call your local courthouse or DMV and find out where to register. Get a voter registration form, fill it out, and on the political affiliation part of the voter registration form, check the box for Non-Partisan.

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