Sunday, July 26, 2009

Comments to Obama's Latest Gaff

Because of space limitations, I am forced to reply here (as a new post) to the comments as posted in a prior posting called "Latest Obama Gaff" on Saturday, July 25, 2009. The comments are as follows:

Contrary Opinion
It must hard for an atheist to understand the principles as outlined in the Constitution because the Founders believed in God. They believed that their new form of government would only work if men were virtuous and had a sense of morality that came from belief in Natural Law as given by the Creator, whoever, or whatever he/she/it was. Most of the basic principles of America are based on this belief. References to God appear on our coinage and paper money and many other places indicating His importance.

Facts Without Evidence
You find it difficult to accept that there are other points of view in the world that differ from yours. Rather than have meaningful discussions it's better to attack and ignore facts and consider them to be inaccurate or unsupported. Why can't someone else have an opposing opinion? Are you always right? Facts are indisputable.

This blog isn't like a term paper where I footnote every thing in it. I think you already know that. Your's isn't! Instead, I may have touched on a nerve by stating I have my opinion about President Obama and you don't like it. So be it. Please don't insult it and be nasty just because you don't like it.

Foreign Leaders
You actually helped promote my opinion by illustrating that there are other international leaders who have low esteem for President Obama. You named two more!) Where did you get your facts Nick? You forgot to document your sources. You also left out the G20 nations and our Nato "ally" countries. They all ignored President Obama's request for help in the Gitmo deal. Yeah, there are a lot of others who don't respect President Obama, including Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel and France's Prime Minister Francis Fellon. Sorry, I have no footnotes for these. I hope they are common knowledge.

Move to Russia
No matter if we disagree on anything, I will never tell you to move to Russia! I personally believe that country is a "shit hole". We both know that in spite of its flaws, America is still a better place.

This blog is about freedom and how to preserve it. It states opinions on a regular basis, facts too. AND only one rumor in these comments that I'm aware of. It's not directed to overthrow Obama. Out of the 21 posts so far, only 3 are aimed at your "Leader". Three more are directed at his polling numbers. The rest of the posts cover various topics including nominations, new legislation, links, and so on. That's hardly a web site that ATTACKS the President with the intent to "bring him down". Don't be so sensitive to criticisms for the guy you probably voted for.

Don't Publish This Blog
Let's be clear. This was a real subjective statement. If you don't like this blog and you get upset from reading it, stop reading it! Duh? I'm not spitting out the poison you can get from the Huffington Post or That's offensive material and I don't bother reading it!!

You have your opinion about the usefulness of political polls and so do I. We disagree. So the ones I like, we should all use as toilet paper and the ones you like should be held in high repute. Also very objective of you!

You are absolutely right about solutions. If I had some, I'd be running for President.

Like you, I am one guy, who believes that America was (and still is) a good country. America is changing - now rapidly. I believe these changes are for the worse. Hence this blog. I get to say what I believe and how I feel. I hope I can help get others to truly WAKE UP and start to care before it is too late. Changes were needed in America, but these are not what a lot of us expected or signed up for!

We can help it change. How? We all need to care and get ourselves into some sort of task to help it get better. Blogging is one start.

You voted for change. Is this what you wanted? God, I hope not! The definition of fascism parallels where we are going now! Not the militaristic fascism of Germany, but a new "soft" fascism that we don't perceive as bad. But it is still fascism! Don't be fooled. (Try reading: "Liberal Fascism" by Johna Goldberg). How's that for a footnote? By the way, I recommend reading it.

My solutions are rather general, as follows:
Take action. Be outraged. Become politically active. Please don't start a militia! That's NOT the solution.

Use common sense. Support a political candidate who protects the Constitution regardless of their political party. Pay attention to your Representatives and how they vote. Don't keep re-electing the same politicians over and over again. THAT's NOT CHANGE! Offer your time, and money to promote those who you feel understand and protect the Constitution.

Like I said, if this isn't what you are looking for, don't read it. It is what it is.

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  1. I apologize for posting in a manner that comes across as insulting or nasty. They were not meant that way.

    Facts are indisputable - on that we agree.

    Yes, I voted for Obama. So far I'm not sorry I did.

    And to be clear - I don't like any polls. I don't believe you can get a real cross section of America by asking 1000 or 1500 people.

    Hang in there buddy. When you publish a blog about politics, you need to be ready to defend your facts, and have a thick skin. Feel free to pummel me on my blog.

    And let me know when you're ready to run for President. I'll work tirelessly on your behalf.

    You're a great guy and I value your friendship immensely, even if you are a little misguided politically. :-)