Thursday, July 30, 2009

Who's Going to Pay?

Current polls indicate that senior citizens are up in arms because they realize they will take a big Medicare hit to help pay for the new government healthcare system. Hey, someone has to pay for it - right?

Besides them, the top individuals earning over $250,000 a year will also help pay for it. That's fair, they can afford it!

We Need More $$$
But that's still not enough. Hummm.... Where else can we get some "easy" tax dollars?

Hey, how about taxing soft drinks? Any beverage that contains sugar is bad for you, including fruit juices. We can teach our kids to have a healthier life style by imposing this tax. Yeah, these drinks are bad for you and surely we can pass that tax to help.

But because the government healthcare "reconstruction" (my word) costs so much, we still don't have enough to pay for it.

What else can we consider? Hey, I know, we can tax people who are overweight. Not them directly, that would be blatantly discriminatory, but rather tax the "unhealthy" foods they eat. That bag of Fritos and Hagen Das ice cream are the perfect items to help raise money. If we need to raise more money, we could expand it to all foods that have no nutritional value.

But, we're still short of dough.

And the latest "idea" from Congress is to put a tax on Botox or any other so called plastic surgery. We all know that this is elected surgery and really unnecessary. Let's "punish" anyone who takes elective surgery. It would cover breast enlargements, nose jobs, liposuction, or any other such "improvement". Let's charge them an extra 10% on their bill.

But that still won't pay for the government healthcare program. What next? Let your imagination go wild!! Our illustrious Congress thinks it can tax ANYTHING. Watch them!!!

Granted, these are just proposals, but Congress is seriously considering these and other unannounced items.

Say no to government healthcare. We cannot afford it!

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