Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cyber Law Silences Free Speech

A new bill was introduced by West Virginia Senator John Rockefeller (D) that gives the President full power to TAKE OVER CONTROL OF THE INTERNET!! The bill allows the President to shut down the Internet or control the private-sector networks during a "cybersecurity emergency".

The President is the person or entity who can declare this emergency in the name of the government. It allows him to do whatever is necessary to respond to the threat. Other sections of the legislation include federal certification programs for "cybersecurity professionals" who will manage these private sector networks once licensed. The government will determine who these "qualified" persons are and where they are assigned.

This sounds like ANOTHER BIG GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER! At the whim of the president, he can silence your Internet access and limit your activities on the Internet. This sounds a lot like what Communist China does and what Hugo Chavez of Venezuela did when he took over or SHUT down radio and TV stations. In the very least, this sounds like BRAVE NEW WORLD here in America.

The BIG Picture
This proposed legislation is an O U T R A G E! It has the potential to silence free speech at the whim of the President. No President in any political party should have this power.

America, step back and look at the big picture. In the last six months, the government has taken control of the following:

  • The banking industry
  • The automobile industry
  • Credit institutions
  • 40% of all US mortgages
The government is trying to take over the following:
  • Healthcare
  • Our energy consumption with Cap and Trade
  • Now the Internet
Forget about the defect spending for the moment. Look at the whole story of what is happening here in America. The government is taking control of your freedoms a piece at a time, incrementally. It is a fact. Realize what is going on here.

Action To Take
Speak out loud and clear. DON'T LET THIS BILL PASS. It attacks your 1st Amendment (freedom of speech). Granted, the Internet has bad things on it. But is also a place where millions get their Information - outside of the biased media in this country. It is also a place where people can communicate (like this blog). Call the Senator and tell him that this is an attack on free speech: 202-224-6472. Call or write your local Senators and tell them DO NOT APPROVE OF THIS LEGISLATION.

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