Saturday, August 29, 2009

Don't Forget Cap & Trade...

The Cap and Trade bill (in Senate committee) is one of the most oppressive economic schemes to be advanced by Liberal/Progressives. Quite simply, here is how it will work, if passed.

The Federal Government will set the greenhouse gas emission levels (arbitrarily). They will place emphasis on carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels. They will mandate the reduction of these levels and restrict the industries that can legally emit these gasses. Companies that emit fewer of these gasses can sell the unused allotments to other companies that emit more. Any company that emits too much (determined by the government) would face stiff penalties and expensive fines.

All this is still based on THEORY - not on proven facts. Americans have never been allowed any open discussion on this topic with Congress.

Enforcement will come in a newly created agency similar to the IRS and have similar powers. They will set the levels and determine the penalties. They will have the authority to collect data, monitor, and audit the compliance of these regulations. The government will have the power to investigate, litigate, and punish any found guilty of abusing these laws.

Any company that uses fossil fuels and emits carbon dioxide will be affected. (This is pretty much - everyone). All will be at the mercy of these new regulators and have little voice in objecting or arguing with these arbitrary emission regulations.

The Costs?
Buying these emission credits will be extremely expensive. Costs will be passed onto consumers. This in turn, could reduce production and corporate output. It may also put some companies out of business. This would result in lost jobs, destroyed wealth, and hurt the overall economy. There have been estimates on how bad, and they will cost all of us billions.

All this for a theory. Remember, in the 1970s Progressives believed that we were going into another ICE AGE. They wanted to regulate that too! They were wrong!

Now it's the reverse. Let's face it, they really don't know. What they want is to control our lives.

Not Just Companies
This invasion of government regulation will not stop with industry, but will continue into your homes. The government will require a home inspection when you want to sell your home. If your house fails to pass, you will have to upgrade it to meet their emission/energy requirements before selling it. You could be forced to replace the furnace, add insolation, or anything that the government tells you to fix. They could also control your electric energy consumption using smart electric meters. There's much more, but you should be getting the point.

Americans, does this sound like America, or some third world dictatorship?

Action To Take
Do Not let this legislation pass in the Senate. Call and write your senators. Tell them to vote "NO" on Cap & Trade.

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