Monday, September 14, 2009

2010 Will Be a Toxic Year

DEMs are facing what could be a devastating year in 2010. That's the year for mid-term elections. They're not the only ones. Remember they (the Democratic Party) faced a similar problem in 1994 when they were swept out of office. When Obama won, 54 DEMs were elected into the House of Representatives giving them the majority (a Democratic sweep). Democrats also scored in the Senate where they have a majority there also. People wanted a change.

This situation created a serious imbalance of power in Congress. No more checks and balances. One political party had the majority in both the Senate and Congress. Obama has taken full advantage of the situation and has jammed through the Stimulus bill, Omnibus spending package (with over 9,000 pork projects), Cap & Trade (half way done), and now ObamaCare (government controlled socialized healthcare ). In addition, the government has taken control of our largest banks, credit companies, Federal Reserve, General Motors, Chrysler Corporation, and 40 % of all home mortgages in the United States. This changed the direction and philosophy of what this country was founded on.

That's quite a power grab in less than six months! We need to stop this ASAP unless you like the government controlling every aspect of your lives! They want to get as much power as they can grab. Your liberties are at stake! Say goodbye to freedom as we once knew it.

The government is out of control and they are NOT listening to its citizens. They technically are OUR employees. But they have forgotten and ignore us. Congress (both sides) has become corrupt and overrun by special interests. They don't even write the legislation any more. They let SEIU and Apollo Alliance Group and others write it for them. So what are we paying them to do?

Consequently, Congress doesn't read the legislation because they know special interest groups wrote it. It's Congress's way of paying them back for helping them with their re-election. WHAT? That's not what the Founding Fathers wanted! Look what has happened to our government. Sad but true. They are NOT representing us any longer.

Action To Take
Be sure and vote on November 2, 2010. Vote out anyone who has contributed to this problem. Look for guidelines on what type of candidate to support in a future article in this blog. We need people who will abide by and protect the Constitution - not those who destroy it.

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