Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hall Pass Your Kids on Tuesday

Dana Loesch discusses the growing number of parents who intend to keep their kids out of school during the Obama address. She raises some very interesting points about the upcoming Presidential speech targeting our children. Here is a pointer to the video clip:

She raises the several interesting issues regarding the President's speech. First, President Obama is breaking the rules to give a speech on how to follow the rules. This is quite hypocritical. Second, the focus of the lesson plans is NOT on students, but rather the President! The lesson plans are about what Obama thinks, not emphasis on the children. Third, the lesson plans asks how can students serve the government? or How students can work for your government? Or How does Obama inspire us?

Obama skipped existing protocols and ignored getting parental consent for students to hear/view his speech at a public school. The Federal Department of Education bypassed the school boards and superintendents by creating their own government lesson plans and workbooks. Sadly, these lesson plans were written by presidential activists - not educators! Hence, they may be deemed propaganda - not educational materials! Ironically, the National Education Association (NEA) had nothing to say about any of this. Oh, that's right, they donated to Obama's campaign!

This nefarious act is also targeted at high school students who will become voters in the next Presidential election. Coincidence or Propaganda? It SMELLS like propaganda to indoctrinate our youth!

Action To Take
Go to the website for more details on what to do. Call your local schools and let them know you do NOT want your children to participate in this brainwashing political speech.

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