Monday, September 7, 2009

Where Was the Media?

It was so quiet last week, you could hear a pin drop! Where was the media coverage on the Communist Van Jones adviser to the President? Listen... there was total silence! That's pathetic! You think you can get the news from THESE outlets? Here is a list of the media who said NOTHING about the Van Jones controversy last week:
  • New York Times = 0 words

  • Washington Post = 0 words

  • ABC World News: = 0 words

  • CNN News = 0 words

  • CBS Evening News: = 0 words
A while back a reader of this blog commented that we should follow these news outlets for a week because they did - in fact cover the news of the day and that we would get a new perspective. They were RIGHT! This IS a new perspective – NO NEWS if it makes the President look bad. This is proof positive that they are not honest with readers/viewers because they (the media) are blinded by Obama worship! They cannot say anything negative about their Messiah for fear it would tarnish his crown. Only FOX News reported the story.

No wonder Americans are getting upset and joining Tea Parties. Journalism is DEAD at these "news" sources. This is a travesty and quite alarming. They can't handle the Truth so they won't print it. You can't trust them except to get their opinions - not the news. They censor or filter what you see or read. That's not news - that's propaganda! What is happening to America? We can’t trust the media!

Heed the Warning
Americans, our Constitution is under attack. Your liberties are under attack. The media outlets (above) are part of the attack. Don't trust anything they report. It is propaganda, not fact. They supported the admitted Communist Van Jones and his extremist views, just by not reporting the controversy. They were ALL silent on this subject!! America, this is a warning! They support this administration and their power grabs and deficit spending.

Action To Take

Americans, don’t be fooled any longer. Boycott these news outlets. Use other news sources. Don't watch their news broadcasts. Don't buy the products that they advertise. Don't listen to their "news" broadcasts. Don't buy their newspapers. Money Talks!

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