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Soros Recipients - Final Listing

More Soros Funded Organizations
In previous articles we posted some of the organizations that George Soros donates millions of dollars to for his version of philanthropy. Today's listing is starts with the letter "N" and ends with "Y."

N Through Y

  • NARAL Pro-Choice America-Supports taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand,
    and works to elect pro-abortion Democrats.

  • NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund-Supports racial preferences in employment and education, as well as the racial gerrymandering of voting districts. Underpinning its support for race preferences is the fervent belief that white racism in the United States remains an intractable, largely undiminished, phenomenon.

  • The Nation Institute-Sponsors leftist conferences, fellowships, awards for radical activists, and journalism internships.

  • National Abortion Federation-Opposes any restrictions on abortion at either the state or federal levels, and champions the introduction of unrestricted abortion into developing regions of the world.

  • National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty-Established in 1976 as the first "fully staffed national organization exclusively devoted to abolishing capital punishment."

  • National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy-Portrays the United States as a nation in need of dramatic structural change financed by philanthropic organizations. It overwhelmingly promotes grant-makers and grantees with leftist agendas, while criticizing their conservative counterparts.

  • National Committee for Voting Integrity-Opposes "the implementation of proof of citizenship and photo identification requirements for eligible electors in American elections as the means of assuring election integrity."

  • National Council for Research on Women-Supports big government, high taxes, military spending cuts, increased social welfare spending, and the unrestricted right to taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand.

  • National Council of La Raza-Lobbies for racial preferences, bilingual education, stricter hate-crime laws, mass immigration, and amnesty for illegal aliens.

  • National Council of Women's Organizations-Views the United States as a nation rife with injustice against girls and women. It advocates high levels of spending for social welfare programs, and supports race and gender preferences for minorities and women in business and academia.

  • National Immigration Forum-Opposing the enforcement of present immigration laws, this organization urges the American government to "legalize" all illegal aliens currently in the United States who have no criminal records, and to dramatically increase the number of visas available for those wishing to migrate to the U.S. The Forum is particularly committed to opening the borders to unskilled, low-income workers, and immediately making them eligible for welfare and social service programs.

  • National Immigration Law Center-Seeks to win unrestricted access to government-funded social welfare programs for illegal aliens.

  • National Lawyers Guild-Promotes open borders and it seeks to weaken America's intelligence-gathering agencies. It condemns the Patriot Act as an assault on civil liberties; rejects capitalism as an non-viable economic system; has rushed to the defense of convicted terrorists and their abettors; and generally opposes all U.S. foreign policy positions, just as it did during the Cold War when it sided with the Soviets.

  • National Organization for Women-Advocates the unfettered right to taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand; seeks to "eradicate racism, sexism and homophobia" from American society; attacks Christianity and traditional religious values; and supports gender-based preferences for women.

  • National Partnership for Women and Families-Supports race and sex-based preferences in employment and education. It also advocates for the universal "right" of women to undergo taxpayer-funded abortion at any stage of pregnancy and for any reason.

  • National Priorities Project (NPP)-Supports government-mandated redistribution of wealth through higher taxes and greater expenditures on social welfare programs. The NPP presses the government to redirect a significant portion of its military funding toward public education, universal health insurance, environmentalist projects, and welfare programs.

  • National Security Archive Fund-Collects and publishes declassified documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act to a degree that compromises American national security and the safety of intelligence agents.

  • National Women's Law Center-Supports taxpayer-funded abortions. Lobbies against conservative judicial appointees. Advocates increased welfare spending to help low-income mothers; and favors higher taxes for the purpose of generating more funds for such government programs as Medicaid, food stamps, welfare, foster care, health care, child-support enforcement, and student loans.

  • Natural Resources Defense Council-Influential environmentalist
    lobbying groups in the United States, the Council claims a membership of one million

  • Pacifica Foundation-Owns and operates Pacifica Radio, awash from its birth with the socialist-Marxist rhetoric of class warfare and hatred for capitalism.

  • Peace and Security Funders Group-Gives money to leftist anti-war and environmentalist causes. Its members tend to depict America as the world's chief source of international conflict, environmental destruction, and economic inequalities.

  • Peace Development Fund-Claims that the United States needs a massive overhaul of its social and economic institutions. "Recently, we have witnessed the negative effects of neo-liberalism and the globalization of capitalism, the de-industrialization of the U.S. and the growing gap between the rich and poor ..."

  • People for the American Way-Opposes the Patriot Act, anti-terrorism measures generally, and the allegedly growing influence of the "religious right."

  • Physicians for Human Rights-Critical of the United States and Israel in its condemnations of human rights violations.

  • Physicians for Social Responsibility-Anti-U.S.-military organization that also embraces the tenets of radical environmentalism.

  • Planned Parenthood-The largest abortion provider in the United States and advocates taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand.

  • Ploughshares Fund-Opposes America's development of a missile defense system, and contributes to many organizations that are highly critical of U.S. foreign policies and military ventures.

  • Presidential Climate Action Project (PCAP)-Wants to create a new 21st-century economy, completely carbon-free and based largely on renewable energy. A key advisor to the organization is the revolutionary communist Van Jones.

  • Prison Moratorium Project-Created in 1995 for the express purpose of working for the elimination of all prisons in the United States and the release of all inmates. Says that incarceration is never an appropriate means of dealing with crime, it deems American society's inherent inequities the root of all criminal behavior.

  • Progressive States Network (PSN)-Wants to "pass progressive legislation in all fifty states by providing coordinated research and strategic advocacy tools to forward-thinking state legislators."

  • Project Vote-A voter-mobilization arm of the Soros-funded ACORN. A persistent pattern of lawlessness and corruption has followed ACORN/Project Vote activities over the years.

  • Pro Publica-Claims that “investigative journalism is at risk,” this group aims to remedy this lacuna in news publishing by “exposing abuses of power and betrayals of the public trust by government, business, and other institutions, using the moral force of investigative journalism to spur reform through the sustained spotlighting of wrongdoing.”

  • Proteus Fund-Directs its philanthropy toward a number of radical left wing organizations.

  • Public Citizen Foundation-Seeks increased government intervention and litigation against corporations. Founded on the notion that American corporations, like the capitalist system of which they are a part, are inherently inclined toward corruption.

  • Rebuild and Renew America Now (a.k.a. Unity '09)-Spearheaded by and overseen by longtime activist Heather Booth, this coalition was formed to facilitate the passage of President Obama’s "historic" $3.5 trillion budget for fiscal year 2010.
  • Secretary of State Project-Launched in July 2006 as an independent "527" organization devoted to helping Democrats get elected to the office of Secretary of State in selected swing, or battleground, states.

  • Sentencing Project-Asserts that prison-sentencing patterns are racially discriminatory, this initiative advocates voting rights for felons.

  • Shadow Democratic Party-An elaborate network of non-profit activist groups that mobilize resources, money, get-out-the-vote drives, campaign advertising, and policy initiatives to elect Democratic candidates and guide the Democratic Party towards the left.

  • Sojourners-An evangelical Christian ministry that preaches radical left wing politics. During the 1980s it championed Communist revolution in Central America and chastised U.S. policy-makers for their tendency "to assume the very worst about their Soviet counterparts." Also they have taken up the cause of environmental activism, opposed welfare reform as a "mean-spirited Republican agenda," and mounted a defense of affirmative action.

  • Southern Poverty Law Center-Monitors the activities of what it calls “hate groups” in the United States. It exaggerates the prevalence of white racism directed against American minorities.

  • The American Prospect, Inc.-A not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization that effectively owns and publishes the left-liberal magazine. The American Prospect.

  • The Nation Institute-Works in conjunction with The Nation magazine to recruit, train and influence journalism interns who will carry the Institute's leftist politics into the mainstream.

  • Thunder Road Group-Coordinates strategy for the Media Fund, America Coming Together, and America Votes,Tides Foundation and Tides Center. The Tides is a major funder of the radical Left and created "The Story of Stuff." U.S. Public Interest Research Group. This is an umbrella organization of student groups that support leftist agendas.

  • Universal Healthcare Action Network-Supports a single-payer health care system controlled by the federal government.

  • Urban Institute-Favors socialized medicine, expansion of the federal welfare bureaucracy, and tax hikes for higher income-earners.

  • USAction Education Fund-Lists its priorities as: "fighting the right wing agenda"; "building grassroots political power"; winning "social, racial and economic justice for all"; supporting a system of taxpayer-funded socialized medicine; reversing "reckless tax cuts for millionaires and corporations" which shield the "wealthy" from paying their "fair share"; advocating for "pro-consumer and environmental regulation of corporate abuse"; "strengthening progressive voices on local, state and national issues"; and working to "register, educate and get out the vote ... [to] help progressives get elected at all levels of government."

  • World Organization Against Torture-Works with groups that condemn Israeli security measures against Palestinian terrorism.

  • YWCA World Office, Switzerland-Opposes abstinence education and supports universal access to taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand, and opposes school vouchers.
Worried Yet?
You should be because millions of dollars are being donated to leftist, anti-American organizations. George Soros is a powerful man that caused the collapse of the British Pound and is trying to bring-down America in a like way. If he supports any organization that affects your life - you need to become proactive with policing that organization.

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