Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lame Stream Hypocrites

See Anything Wrong?
You don't have to be a political analyst to see and understand that the Lame Stream media isn't reporting the facts any longer. If it doesn't fit into their political agenda, they ignore the facts like they don't exist. They are tilted so far to the political left, that they no longer can be trusted to report ANYTHING accurately.

Wisconsin Protesters
Here's' the perfect example. The protesters in Wisconsin. Have you seen the signs that they are carrying? Hitler, and Nazi references are common. Union members chanting hate speech and NEVER get mentioned on the evening news. It's disgusting, but never gets ANY coverage. Why? Because the Lame Stream media supports their efforts. They have taken sides and can't be objective any longer.

What would the media report if these were conservatives out protesting? The Lame Stream media would be blasting them for it. You can count on it.

Action To Take
Are you getting sick and tired of this lack of truthfulness in the "news"? Isn't it time to take a REAL stand? It's easy, simply stop watching the networks that do these things. Stop buying the newspapers that don't report the facts. Get you news and information for outside sources. Don't trust the established Lame Streamers any longer.

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