Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wisconsin Bullies

I Quit, I'm Going Home
If you elected someone to a state office, you would automatically expect them to show up for work. However, the Democrats in the Wisconsin state Senate are NOT showing up for work. In fact, they have left the state for the past 8 days. However, they are still being paid - even though they are skipping work. Is this even fair? Would you be paid for skipping work for 8 days?

The DEM Senators are doing so because they cannot play by the rules. It's just like when you were a kid and one guy gets mad and says "I'm taking my bat and going home" leaving the rest of the kids without the implement to continue the game. Wisconsin's DEM Senators are doing exactly the same thing. They are running away from reality and won't face up to their responsibilities to the people who elected them to office. They are still trying to bully their way even after voters gave them a strong message last November.

Ask these questions: Who's paying for their food and lodging? Are they getting financial support? From who? How much? Are the unions involved? To what extent?

Voters elected a GOP governor and GOP majority in state government because they wanted a more responsible government to balance the budget. Now the DEMs are upset about "the new boss in town" and won't play the game because they cannot get their way any longer.

Voters Deserve Better
However, this isn't a game. The voters in Wisconsin should be disgusted with the DEMs who have run away from their elected responsibilities. The DEMs won't play any more because if they show up for work, there will be a vote on cutting budgets and they are now in the minority. Too Bad! This is still America the last time we looked. Stop trying to make it something else!

If the runaway Senators continue to opt-out, then the voters should help them opt-out of their elected positions. They should begin recalls on those who have shunned their public responsibilities.

Governments work with rules. If you can't play by the rules, then get out of government!

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