Monday, March 7, 2011

Pay It Forward...

Domino Effect
The domino effect is a chain reaction. It occurs when a small change (one domino is pushed over) and that causes a similar change nearby (the second domino fall over pushing the third). That in turn, causes another similar change, and so on, and so on, and so on.

OK, so what's this got to do with anything? Just wait...

Pay It Forward
Pay it forward is a concept that if someone does an unexpected good deed towards you, that you should repay the favor to someone else likewise. The idea is to help make the world a better place. So why not take this strategy and apply it to something else? The concept that an individual can and will make a difference does work using this strategy. You can, and it can make a difference in our government.

Here's How
As a single individual, it's hard to see how one person can make a difference when going up against a big establishment. It's not when you take a different perspective. What if the majority of the USA joined together towards a given cause? Wouldn't Congress respond in a positive way towards that effort? You bet! The Tea Party is a step in that direction. But we need more...

Most of Americans know that the USA is going bankrupt. Our country is drowning in debt and Congress is NOT acting in our best interests. We need to take drastic measures to prevent this disaster from happening. Right now our elected members of Congress are dragging their feet on spending cuts. They want to increase the national debt ceiling and prolong resolving the situation because this is the easy way out. They need a loud message from their constituents to force them into action.

Wouldn't you like to do something good to help this awful situation? Obama knows community organizing works. This is community organizing on a national stage. It begins with you.

You can start this effort going - just like a chain letter. You find two or three like-minded individuals like yourself. Tell them you want them to force Congress into action. Get them to commit to contacting two to three other like -minded people, and so on and so on... These are the dominoes. Have these individuals commit to contacting their national representatives. It's better to do this by email, phone, or fax because snail mail will be delayed a long time while the government "inspects" each letter for poisons and traces of anthrax. Have each individual demand that Congress STOP raising the debt ceiling and to live within their means. This will in-turn force Congress to start cutting spending. We don't care how, just start cutting.

Don't forget to choose a time frame for this activity. Say April 1st, 2011 (April Fool's Day). That's the deadline for contacting their representatives. They should all get the message about not raising the debt ceiling by April 1st. Make this a National message to all in Washington. The fact that you're reading this should make you a believer. Find two more like you and pass the message forward. Help SAVE America! Do it starting today.

The Weakest Link
It's easy to see that this strategy has a big flaw. If the individuals you contact do not fulfill their promise to follow through, this will never work. They have to be sincere to complete the task or the old axiom holds true:

United we stand, divided we fall...

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