Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What To Do About America's Debt

Congress at Work
Last week Congress postponed shutting-down the government by writing a two week extension on government spending. Last year the Democratic controlled Congress didn't even create a working budget - they just borrowed and spent. Since last week, Congress has "negotiated" to come up with two deficit reducing proposals, as follows:

  • Democrats have proposed a total of $4,000,000,000 ($4 Billion) per year in spending cuts.

  • Republicans have proposed a total of $67,000,000,000 ($67 Billion) per year in cuts.
Wow, they seem to be really far apart in cuts - don't they?

Not really!

Our Current Debt
We currently owe $14.7 Trillion dollars. Both political parties are talking in BILLIONS - NOT TRILLIONS! Neither party is serious about making severe cuts in government spending. These facts bear them out. If the United States of America is to survive bankruptcy, we need to get down to large cuts in government spending. So far, Congress is counting "pennies."

Action To Take
They all need to hear from you. You need to let them all know that they have to begin cutting entitlements and paying special interests. They can start by defeating the bill to raise the national debt ceiling. Freeze it where it is and force the government to spend only what it takes in. If this closes the government, that's fine. What we bring in monthly, can support the essential government services like the military, Social Security and other true essential services. Why they could even shut-down Congress and save big bucks for a few months - Seriously! They don't seem to do much except spend what we don't have anyway!

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