Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Fairness Doctrine Revisited

Media Bias
A recent survey conducted by the Center for Media and Public Affairs indicates beyond any doubt that the Left-Wing media showed a serious bias in the last Presidential election. Here are their findings:

2008 Campaign Articles/Stories in Favor Of...
  • CBS - Obama = 73% of the time; McCain = 31% of the time.

  • NBC - Obama = 56% of the time; McCain = 16% of the time.

  • ABC - Obama = 57% of the time; McCain = 42% of the time

These numbers do not lie. They show a distinct bias towards Barack Obama. Why? Because the Left-Wing media has an agenda and it is to promote the Progressive ideology - not the news!

Ignorance is Bliss
Or is it? Self-imposed ignorance on your part is DANGEROUS! If you accept the idea that the media is not prejudice and reports the news accurately and without bias, you are seriously looking for trouble. Americans need to wise-up and educate themselves that there is this wide-spread bias and they need to do something about it.

Begin by changing your reading and viewing habits. Look for new news sources on the Internet instead of the usual newspapers and TV channels. Stop your subscriptions to the old newspapers. Experiment reading the news from foreign news sources instead. Try and get a different perspective on the news. It won't take long to see the BIAS being used here in America.

Remember also that George Soros has his hands and money directly connected to these and other (37) media sources. Recall that Soros is no friend of the USA and Capitalism. He turned against his own (Jewish) people to work for the Nazis in WWII and now he's doing the same against America.

Bring Back the Fairness Doctrine
This is a strange request coming from this blog. However, it rings true. We should demand that the media sources cited above (and any connected to George Soros) all be forced to invoke the Fairness Doctrine in their Presidential election coverages. No more editorials being reported as "facts." Make NBC, CBS, and ABC have alternate opinions stated in equal time to offset their warped bias in favor of the Progressive/Socialist philosophy.

Perhaps if this "regulation" were imposed we could see a more fair Presidential election process.

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