Saturday, June 4, 2011

Unemployment Numbers Bad Again

Media Spin
Funny isn't it that the Left-Wing media spins the unemployment numbers the way they do? They claim that the numbers are "surprisingly strong". CNBC claimed tha the number "ticked-up" because of higher participation in the labor force. What? Does that make ANY sense? Who are they kidding? In spite of their obvious "BIAS" the unemployment rate remains higher than promised by Obama since February 2009.

Enough of This Media CRAP!
Isn't it time for you to get "TICKED OFF"? This is the 27th month that the unemployment numbers have been way over the 8% that Obama claimed would NEVER be reached if we passed HIS Stimulus package that squandered YOUR tax dollars by rewarding those who failed by bailing them all out!

Recall that this administration PROMISED that the Obama Stimulus package would keep the unemployment rate BELOW 8%. Isn't it time to call a spade a spade and admit that the Stimulus was a FAILURE? The Stimulus Failed America. Stop believing the media lies!

This is just more proof that you CANNOT BELIEVE the Left-Wing media supported by George Soros. Recall that he has media connections to over 30 news organizations - including NBC, ABC and CBS! Progressive strategy is to control the media so they can promote their message or make you believe that everything is OK when their policies fail.

The Business and Media Institute found that when the unemployment was OVER 10% the "media" gave positive reports and stories with an overconfident spin in over 52% of their stories. That's just LYING to the American public and we all know it!

Don't Be Fooled Again
Unfortunatey, Americans have a short memory span. However, there is a deeper message for all of us. We need to REMEMBER these things in the upcoming 2012 elections! We cannot allow ourselves to be fooled by a slick politician again! Obama's message was "Change", but he never gave any details of what they were. We projected our own thoughts into HIS message and carried him onto the White House. We need to be more diligent and ask for the specifics so we don't get America into this dilemma again by continuing Obama's failed economic policies.

Obama is spending America into oblivion and doesn't seem to give a care. Look at his record. Remember it! Don't let the media obstruct your view. The facts are there for you to see. This administration is a failure for America! This was a big mistake. We cannot continue in the same direction. If we do, America will NEVER have the same standard of living again!

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