Sunday, June 19, 2011

Federalist Papers Revised...

A Tough Read
Did you ever get a copy of the Federalist Papers and try and read through the arguments for accepting and defending the US Constitution? Chances are the answer is "No."

Refresher: The Federalist Papers defended the ratification of what was at the time - a revolutionary charter. The original version was written by none other than Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison. The paper explains in depth the political structure of the newly formed Republic and the principles of God-given natural rights.

The Problem
There is one major problem with this document. It was written in 1788 and contains language that was common usage at that time. However, by today's standards, it is difficult to read and comprehend. It was written because the Founders foresaw that a vote against it would destroy the new government before it got off the ground. They were worried that New York would NOT ratify it and feared that other states would follow suit.

Consequently, the Founders wrote a series of essays explaining and defending the new Constitution. The Federalist Papers gives an analysis of the Constitution by the men who helped write it.

Unfortunately, too many people have tried to read this document today and find that they cannot understand it, or find that the have great difficulty reading it.

The Good News
There is good news for those who want to understand the thinking of the Founding Fathers. A young college graduate named Joshua Charles wanted to resolve the problem by re-writing the original essays in today's language. He approached Glenn Beck who produced "The Original Argument: The Federalists' Case for the Constitution, adopted for the 21 Century."

If you want to understand the birth of our country and understand the principles of the Constitution, this is a must read. If you know this material, you will see how much our Constitution is under attack and how much danger we all face in today's world.

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