Saturday, June 25, 2011

Virginia To Sue the FCC

Net Neutrality
Virginia leads the battle to protect the Internet from a Big Government take-over. They are defending the Constitution and YOUR free speech. The state of Virginia's Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli calls the FCC regulations (Net Neutrality) the "most egregious of all violations of federal law." He is going to begin a lawsuit against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in July or August.

The FCC Ignored the Courts
The FCC regulation is nothing more than a grab for more government power and control over the Internet. The FCC was told by the courts that they may NOT regulate the Internet. So what did they do? They ignored the court's ruling and passed a "government regulation" that did exactly what the courts order them not to do!

This activity "smells" of the work of Obama's Regulatory Czar, Cass Sustein. He's the guy who wrote "Nudge," a book that describes how to "influence" the masses when they don't do what YOU want them to do. He oversees all of Obama's governmental departments and has a lot of power - even though he was never vetted by the US Senate. Watch this guy and the Obama government. They are "regulating." anything and everything like never before. Be aware that your liberties are being regulated out of existence! Also do NOT allow this to happen. Take action against tyranny!

String of VA Suits
This lawsuit is one of several produced by Attorney General Cuccinelli against the Federal Government. He has tried to stop the Environmental Protection Agency to halt their "regulations" of greenhouse gasses (another Sustein "nudge" to change America's behavior via regulations) and he has tried to overturn a Federal mandate for individuals to purchase health insurance. He hopes that other states will also join forces against the Federal Government and their rigorous attempts to control the Internet.

We encourage and support these actions against the Obama administration's ongoing and relentless attempts to steal more power and diminish our liberties. We should ask our own state's Attorney Generals to join Virginia in this effort to stop the government's take-over and control of the Internet and eventually Internet content (like this blog). Similar actions have given individual states more clout when trying to get the courts to rule on the legality of ObamaCare.

We cannot allow the government to "regulate" the Internet. If they get the slightest control, it will soon grow and morph into the the Fairness Doctrine or worse. Look at what the government has done to TSA and their abuse of government control over airport security in just a few years time.

United we stand, Divided , we fall.

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