Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Endangered Species

Where's help when you really need it? It sure doesn't come from the government!!

Personal Privacy
Personal privacy is DEAD. It is no longer on the endangered species list. Big government wiped it off in the stroke of a pen. The Supreme Court made it official.  Cell phones and the Internet helped destroy it slowly, but one recent development just sealed the coffin. ObamaCare.

ObamaCare Destroys Freedom
Privacy was not the only species to go on the ObamaCare "hit list." Now that ObamaCare is going to be YOUR new health care provider, you have just lost all personal freedoms - unless you're a ZILLIONAIRE. Your privacy is now a joke. Government bureaucrats will have full access to all of your detailed medical records. They need to because they are the ones who will be deciding whether or not you can receive government granted medical treatments for your ailments - NOT YOUR DOCTORS. This is called government health care rationing. You have just become a number - most likely, it's going to be your Social Security number. No longer will your name be required, just your number. It makes deciding whether you live or die much easier that way. It removes the personal touch that you used to get from your family doctor. (Who by the way is probably leaving medicine because of all the new government regulations and lower payouts for treatments thus, creating a severe shortage of doctors). It's easier to limit treatments to numbers and not people. Leave it to the government for making great decisions!

Yes, and the government will now be the only ones deciding how much your doctors can charge for any given procedures. They must do so because they have to cut costs somehow because they now must include 40 Million new subscribers. Gee, that was a well though-out plan - wasn't it?

Action To Take
Get on the band wagon and fight to get ObamaCare repealed by Congress. Shout loud and clear that you want ObamaCare repealed. Otherwise, just sit-back and watch the government become your new boss.

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