Saturday, July 7, 2012

We NEED a 3rd Party!

The GOP Is Stupid
Don't look now but your favorite Congress just did something stupid again. Surprised? We're not. They have an 11% approval rating. The Republican Party is in deep trouble and they don't even see the trees because they're blinded by the forest around them. No really, how stupid can they be? They are just as bad as their counterparts in the Democratic Party. The GOP does NOT practice what they preach. Their corruption is equally as bad as the Liberals that they hate. Both parties are blinded by their dishonesty!

Instead of increasing taxes on people, they play the same game just like the Democrats, and increase regulations on the tobacco industry. That way, they can say that they never raised your taxes, but they keep on spending. Here's how:

Sneaky Bastards
This time they attached new regulations on people who sell tobacco products (small businesses) in a bill that has nothing to do with the tobacco industry. That way, they think that no one will notice they are pulling a fast one on us. But the regulations have a deep impact. They destroy American jobs!

The new regulation prohibits small shops that allow customers to purchase tobacco and use a $33,000 cigarette rolling machine to make their own smokes. This results in lower costs for the smokers, meager profits for the shop owners, and big tobacco companies don't like that.

The GOP's solution is to give Big Tobacco companies a competitive advantage over these "Ma and Pa" shops by putting them out-of-business. You heard right, this new regulation prohibits these small shop owners from doing what their main stream business is all about. It forces them out-of-business. And, it's hidden in a bill that was initiated for the transportation industry. Nice huh?

Tea Party
It's no wonder that Romney isn't winning the hearts and minds of the Tea Party. His campaign people don't even know the "message" that they should be delivering. With people like the Republican Establishment running his campaign, it will be a total surprise if he wins. The GOP is great at choosing losers.

Besides, why should the Tea Party support bimbos that we don't like in the first place? We vote for Republicans and then they change their stories after getting elected. For example: the majority of Republicans in the House of Representatives all supported the renewal of the Patriot Act which diminishes your liberties and gives Big Government intrusive powers over your daily lives. They also voted for the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which allows US military soldiers to arrest American citizens here in the United States - setting the ground for a totalitarian state! They have also supported the expansion and use of drones over US air space for the purpose of SPYING on Americans.

Is that the political party you want to support? We don't. These are just a few reasons why we really do need a third political party. Think about it. It shouldn't always be the choice of the worst of TWO evils when voting for President or Congress.

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