Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Demand Action

Senate Majority Leader
Harry Reid (D, NV) is the Senate Majority Leader and is smearing the GOP presidential candidate (Romney) without ANY proof of his allegations. He's also disgracing the office he holds. Reid did so on the Senate floor instead of doing government business. Isn't that an ethics violation? We think so.

Reid's politicking is unfounded slander in the truest sense. Seriously, would you trust a politician who flips you off in public?

Harry Reid is unable to perform his Senatorial duties like pass legislation or even pass a budget in four years, but he has plenty of time to demonstrate Saul Alinsky's tactics for all of us to see and hear. Alinsky was a MARXIST community organizer who taught people how to destroy opponents by smearing them with false allegations.

TAH DA! Here comes Harry doing just that. Keep repeating the lie until your opponent quits or looses because the mud you fling actually begins to stick. Tell a lie enough times and people will begin to believe it. That's exactly what Obama and his minions (like Reid) are doing in this campaign.

You need to let the White House know that you won't tolerate these DIRTY Chicago political games. They should renounce Harry for his dirty tricks.

Action To Take
Since Reid has shown America that he is IRRESPONSIBLE and has committed slander, he needs to be helps accountable. Demand that Congress begin an ethics violation investigation against his actions. He's doing it because he is NOT running for another term and he could give a "XHIT" about his actions or his behavior.

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