Friday, August 10, 2012

Obama Waves the RED Flag

Better Red Than Dead
America, are you paying attention? Americans had better take heed of Obama's latest speech. He's letting his colors fly and they are NOT Red, White, and Blue. His color is RED.

Now Obama wants to NATIONALIZE ALL American manufacturing industries! AND, he wants to BAIL-OUT & take over ALL industries in America. Here are his words:

"I said, I believe in American workers, I believe in this this American industry, and now the American auto industry has come roaring back. Now I want to do the same thing with manufacturing jobs, not just in the auto industry, but in every industry."

Where's he going to get the money? Obama couldn't paint a clearer picture. He openly declared that he wants to bail-out (euphemism for take-over and NATIONALIZE) ALL INDUSTRIES. At the very least, this is SOCIALISM and in the worst case, it's COMMUNISM!

Remember GM
Don't forget what Obama did to General Motors. They were not allowed to go through true bankruptcy procedures. Instead, Obama was in charge of the BAILOUT. He gave share holders $.10 on the dollar for their stock-screwing them all, while giving 33% ownership to the AFL-CIO - for which they paid NOTHING! The union members kept their jobs and we got the shaft.

He also KILLED pensions for 20,000 non-union retired workers and gave that money to his union buddies. Bet you didn't hear about that in HIS settlement from the Corrupt Media.

Both Chrysler and GM have NOT paid back all the taxpayer money that they borrowed. This represents BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars gone to waste.

Insult to Injury
Obama claims that Government Motors (GM) is doing fine. Well, look at the specifics. GM's stock price has fallen 42% since the government take-over. However, it's true that GM sales are on the rise. What Obama isn't telling you is who's buying GM products. Obama has ordered all government departments to buy GM products (and some Chrysler products)  over non-GM products. Taxpayers are being forced to buy GM products after propping-up the failing company. This is INSULT TO INJURY!

Here are a few stats that show sales to government. Chevy Caprice sales are now 79.2% to the government. Tahoe sales are 9.4% to government departments. Dodge Dakota is 9.2% to the government. These are all government - owned, government bailed-out cars and trucks. What ever happened to the bidding process? Did we miss something here? Hardly!

We (American taxpayers-the 50% who pay) get stuck for paying for the bailouts and now Obama is sticking Americans with the purchase of the cars HIS car companies build. Is there a conflict of interest there? You bet, and we're getting the SHAFT from both ends of this deal.

THANK OBAMA for being a two-faced liar.

Action To Take
Let your friends and neighbors know what is going on behind your backs, and don't re-elect this criminal!

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