Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tired of the Same-Old-Same Old?

Look Around
Are you better off now than you were four years ago when Obama took office? Are you still employed? Lucky if you are. We have averaged over 8% unemployment since Obama's failed STIMULUS was supposed to be the answer to that problem.

Gasoline prices are 103% higher now than when Obama took office. Why is this? Obama HATES fossil fuels. He has banned drilling for these natural resources even though newer technologies permit the extraction of both oil and natural gas in greater quantities. Obama killed the building of a pipeline from Canada and allowed the Chinese to buy that oil from the Canadians. He's clearly NOT looking out for your interests.

Obama also HATES coal. Obama hired 35 CZARS in an unprecedented maneuver without Congress vetting his nominations. These CZARS then became in charge of Obama's new regulations, bailouts, and Green Energy programs. The "Regulatory CZAR" (Cass Sustein) has been responsible for shutting-down 12 coal-fired electrical plants this year and will make it 57 by the end of 2013. We get 45% of ALL of our electricity from coal. Obama has no replacements for these closed plants. Consequence: Higher energy prices and energy shortages.

Obama's answer to energy: Solyndra Corporation. He gave Solyndra $1/2 Billion dollars and then they went bankrupt - screwing taxpayers out of the money they borrowed. Ditto for several other failed "Green" companies. All of the ones He gave big loans to have failed.

Obama brags about how He saved the automobile industry. This is going to be one of his posted "achievements" in the DNC Convention. He gave Stimulus money to the car companies. That wasn't enough. So he stepped-in and bailed them out spending $BILLIONS of taxpayer money. Then he sold Chrysler and we never got paid back. Next, he nationalized General Motors (GM) screwing shareholders by giving 1/3 ownership to the AFL-CIO who paid nothing for it. He pushed GM to mass produce the Chevy Volt which had to be recalled because the $40,000 electric hybrid catches fire by itself. Then he directs all government agencies to purchase GM products only!

There's not enough space to mention Obama's failures and new government controlling regulations with bank take-overs and bailouts. You get the idea…

The Midas Touch
Do you see a pattern here? You should! Everything Obama involves himself with turns out to be a failure in the eyes of Americans and Americans are beginning to believe that he is in over his head. However, this isn't true.

We take a different position. Obama is NOT a failure. His policies, regulations, take-overs, high unemployment are what he wants! Obama is following HIS plan for America. He's deliberately down-sizing the USA. He's not a failure, he's actually being quite successful.

Unfortunately, Obama hasn't shared his plan with us. He knows we would not support it. So while running for re-election, he deflects and smears to avoid discussing how he has ignored cutting spending while breaking record borrowing and deficits. Instead he lies and deceives trying to pit Americans against themselves using class warfare. (Divide and conquer).

Are You Better Off?
If the answer is "No" then you need to vote him out-of-office in November.

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