Sunday, August 19, 2012

Government Preparations - for What?

Unexplained Ammunition Purchases
So why is it that numerous obscure federal government agencies are buying large quantities of ammunition? Doesn't it seem odd that the US Weather Service, Social Security Department, and Homeland Security (DHS) needs millions of rounds of bullets? To make matters worse, the ammunition being ordered is for "hollow points" which are the more deadly form of ammo because hollow points expand on entering the body cause more internal damage. Hollow point ammunition has been banned by the Geneva Convention several years back. So why do these innocuous agencies need to have rifle and handgun munitions in the first place?

Federal Response
The Obama Administration is getting uncomfortable that their ammo buying is becoming public knowledge - thanks to the Internet. (This is a good example why Obama wants to take control over the Internet with several bogus forms of proposed "cyber protection" legislation.

Obama's bunch has now taken the approach to "explain" their actions with the following BS story. "The ammunition ordered is for training purposes." Social Security reports that "Our special agents need to be armed and trained appropriately." There now, doesn't that make you feel better? Aren't hollow points more expensive? Don't training sessions use cheaper forms of ammunition instead like wadcutters?

I don't know about you but the last time I visited a SS agency, I didn't see a lot of armed policemen standing around. The same goes for the National Weather Service. Homeland Security maybe another story. However, they cannot explain why they need 460,000,000 rounds of ammunition. That CANNOT be for training - they are all hollow points! That has to be for something else - wouldn't you think?

Don't believe the crap stories that the government is peddling. They just don't make any sense.

It would seem that the Federal government is preparing for something. Something where they will need to use a lot of weapons. Weapons against who? Weapons for what reasons? Are they expecting some kind of revolution or civil unrest? No one is saying, they're just buying and stockpiling. Shouldn't it be the Army who needs all these bullets? Why or what is the government preparing for? Shouldn't you be concerned? Is Obama planning on deputizing these organizations to become police enforcers? Is this a government effort to restrict the purchase of ammunition by US citizens?

Are You Prepared?
If the government is stockpiling ammunition in outrageous quantities, shouldn't you? No, of course not  because DHS says that anyone who stockpiles more than a weeks supply of food is a TERRORIST! They also believe that anyone who has MRE's (Meals Ready To Eat) are ALSO considered TERRORISTS! Their logic: It's OK for the government to stockpile, but not its citizens. God forbid if citizens have bullets or food on hand.

Shouldn't you also be stockpiling other things as well? Do you have a stockpile of food yet? How about first aid supplies? How about water? Are you aware that many communities are now banning the capture and storing of rainwater? Why is this? What are they afraid of?

All this is food for thought. We should all question what is going on here. What's clear is that we are NOT getting the truth, just more LIES.

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