Sunday, September 30, 2012

Anything to Win

Free Cell Phones
In a not so blatant attempt to win re-election, Obama has given over 1 million cell phones to Ohio residents. These are low income individuals who cannot afford the phones by themselves. The bad news is that American taxpayers are stuck with paying for their month phone bills.

Car Bailouts Saved Ohio
Obama also "saved" the automobile industry when he nationalized Chrysler and General Motors (GM). Obama stepped-in and performed his own version of "bankruptcy proceedings" which gave preferences to UNIONS and screwed shareholders. This action made most people in Ohio happy because of their direct ties to the auto industry. However, Ohioans apparently aware that Fiat now owns Chrysler and the government owns GM. Incidentally, both have not paid-back all the government loans Obama provided in they first bailouts. Ohioans must also be uninformed that GM stock is in the toilet and that GM sales are only working because Obama directed the government to buy GM products - ignoring the neutral bidding process.

Coercing Defense Contractors
Since bad news is not a good thing when running for re-election, Obama tries at all costs, to avoid it. His latest strategy is to tell the very defense contractors who he has gutted, NOT to annouce their massive layoffs until after his re-election!

So if you're the contractor depending on the government providing you with business, would you offend the guy who's asking for this favor? Hardly! By the way, defense contractors cuts are because of Obama's policies against the defense industry.

Cover Ups
In case you're not paying attention, there have been three (3) terrorist attacks against US citizens under Obama's watch. The latest is the major government cover-up of the Libyan Embassy attacks. This whole story has been ignored by the Soros Owned/influenced Media, which is no surprise.

Only Wish
We hope and pray that Americans begin to pay attention to the lies, coverups, and propaganda being waged to promote Obama's bid for a second term in office. The last thing we need is four more years of the trashing of America.

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