Friday, September 28, 2012

Obama's Latest Cover-up

Libyan Killings
It was no coincidence that the American Embassy was attacked on September 11, 2012. This was the eleventh anniversary of the attacks by terrorists. We all now know that it also was a deliberate and planned TERRORIST attack by al Qaeda in Benghazi, Libya. And yet Obama refuses to even mention "Islamic fundamentalists" in his speech to the United Nations. Instead he continues to blame the attack on a video that no one has seen.

All these lies and false explanations coming out of the White House were contrived for one purpose - to DEFLECT! You see, Obama does NOT want the American public to associate him with successful terrorist attacks against America under HIS watch. That's it in a nutshell.

So Obama lied and directed all his minions to lie that a video was the root cause of the Arab uprising throughout the Middle East - and NOT HIS foreign policies. If the American public realized that HE was the reason for these attacks, it would be hard for his re-election campaign. This explains how and why this administration could not get their story straight over the last two weeks on this affair.

Grade Earned
Obama gets an A+ for HIS Lying, slip-ups, and total bungling of foreign policy in the Middle East. It's hard to believe that many Americans are still going to vote for a man who has weakened America and made it more unsafe for Americans here and abroad.

Face Reality
Don't be naive any longer. Obama is a real danger to America and to Americans. He has failed miserably in the Middle East. He protects al Qaeda by leaving them out of HIS explanations of the factual details. Why is this? Who's side is Obama REALLY on? He continually defends and protects Muslims - good and bad. Who actually broke the story about the video in the first place? Was it the White House? This was a cover-up. It's all there for you to see. Just open your eyes and take an objective look.

Don't expect any answers from the Corrupt (Soros) Media. They will continue working to help Obama get re-elected as best they can. Get your like-minded family and friends to the polls in November. That's our only hope for America now.

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