Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Scary Plan for America

Corrupt Media
In case you haven't figured it out yet, the Corrupt Media is working extremely hard to re-elect President Obama. Everyday they go out of their way to make Romney look bad and report falsely things he did or said. Newspaper polls in Virginia and elsewhere have been proven to be downright lies about Obama's polling position in favor of him. Americans are being fooled because they believe that these polls are valid and honest. And, unfortunately, Americans are being blindly lead just like the Pied Piper legend.

The Soros Plan
The media follows the plan set forth by their owner or main supporter, George Soros. Soros has used this method before in overthrowing several foreign governments. Now it's our turn. Soros has been responsible for overthrowing Yugoslavia, Georgia, and several more.

Here are his five steps to accomplish that objective:

1. Form a shadow government. This is a government in the wings. These are people who support Soros and his ideals of a New World Order. Soros begins by infiltrating under the guise of humanitarian aid. These individuals are infiltrated into all levels of politics, in medicine, in academia, in journalism, in critical areas of the armed forces, the unions, and in intelligence services, and police services.

2. Control the airwaves. Soros always begins by starting a media operation, typically a radio station, TV station, which are under his ownership or control. For example: Soros is funding journalists here in the USA at the national and local levels. Soros has a high level of operability in all levels of US media. Thus, we see all positive reporting on Obama and all negative reporting on Romney.

3. Destabilize the State. Cause an economic crisis or take advantage of an existing one. Soros funded Appolo Alliance (who wrote ObamaCare) has helped destabilize the economy by spending $5 Trillion in 4 years. Soros has also taken advantage of the housing bubble to further destabilize America.

4. Provoke an election Crisis. Soros waits for a major election and then declares that it was fraudulent. The opposite side are accused of stealing the election. He uses the media to broadcast this propaganda everywhere. He uses street activists (like the OWS) to demonstrate in the street. They create a big ruckus alleging that the election was stolen. Soros has funded Save our State (SOS). These people "verify elections." Soros has HIS people in this organization! Thus, Soros has the ability to do this at the appropriate time (this November).

5. Stage Massive Demonstrations. Soros recruits, funds, and subsidizes groups like the Occupy Wall Street radicals. They will cry "Voter fraud" and demand to change the election results. They put all of his activists out in the street. In Yugoslavia, these groups were armed. (recall that Homeland Security has been buying millions and millions of rounds of ammunition). These demonstrations will burn down and destroy all sorts of property. They demand to forget the Constitution.

Soros refers these take-overs as "bloodless coo's"

Bottom Line
You have been forewarned America. Don't let this happen by making the up coming election a tie. This has to be a landslide to avoid Soros's plan.

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