Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Another Reason NOT to Re-elect…

Broken Promises
In the early stages of Obama's 2008 campaign he promised to close GITMO the first year of his administration. Well, here we are closing the fourth year and guess what? Right! GITMO is still going strong. His followers are all very disappointed that he hasn't kept his promise. But wait…

Secret Agenda
Obama wants to be re-elected and he DOES want to close GITMO. He wants to satisfy his minions that he actually will close GITMO at our expense. Guess where he's planning on putting the prisoners?

Here's a HINT: Don't you wonder why the federal government just bought a dilapidated prison in the state of Illinois? They're going to use your taxpayer dollars to spruce-up the prison. It's going to cost millions of dollars. Why? Why would the federal government want to buy and fix-up a prison?

If Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) becomes President for a second term, his course of action will be to shut-down GITMO prison and move all enemy combatants to Illinois. This is just what we need. A large group of fanatical Muslims living on American soil. Incidentally, their lives in GITMO haven't' been terrible. They have more amenities than we do, including special food and custom diets to suit their religion.

YIKES! There he goes again, taking special care of our enemies. Who's side is this guy really on? Isn't prison supposed to be punishment?

Let's give POTUS a November surprise that he won't forget and get him out of the White House once and for all.

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